CT features known to characterize early infantile Krabbe disease are increased attenuation in cerebellum, brainstem, thalami, caudate nuclei and corona radiata on non contrast CT. Figure 1: (A) Noncontrast axial CT reveals coarse calcification in the left frontal region (arrow). (B) Contrast enhanced axial CT at the level of corona radiata. Isolated dysarthria occured in two patients (3.6 %). Designed for medical schools teachers , radiographers, young radiologists and residents of all other specialities and for other medical stuff. We compared risk factors and clinical feature between subtypes of corona radiata.

Could you please explain this to me since her first MRI we were told was. In neuroanatomy, the corona radiata is a white matter sheet that continues caudally as the internal capsule and rostrally as the centrum semiovale. ACST = anterior corticospinal tract; CT = cuneate tract; DIS = dorsal. On admission, CT scan revealed a hypodense area in the right corona radiata.
 corona radiata lesion

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